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TitleAuthorsJournal / BookYear
An Information Quality (InfoQ) Framework for Ex-Ante and Ex-Post Evaluation of Empirical Studies Shmueli, G. and Kenett, R.S. Proceeding of the 3rd International Workshop on Intelligent Data Analysis and Management, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Springer Proceedings in Complexity, Eds. L Uden, L SL Wang, T-P Hong, H-C Yang and I-H Ting, pp. 1-13 2013 
Chapter 1: The Role of Statistical Methods in Modern Industry and Services Kenett, R.S. and Zacks, S. Modern Industrial Statistics: with applications in R, MINITAB and JMP, Second Edition 2014 
Chapter 1: Risk management: a general view Kenett, R.S. and Raanan, Y. Operational Risk Management: A Practical Approach to Intelligent Data Analysis 2011 
From Data to Information to Knowledge Kenett, R.S. Six Sigma Forum Magazine 2008 
Modern analysis of customer satisfaction surveys: comparison of models and integrated analysis Kenett, R.S. and Salini, S. Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry 2011 
Bayesian Network Applications to Customer Surveys and InfoQ Cugnata, F., Kenett R.S. and Salini S. Procedia Economics and Finance 2014 
Statistics: A Life Cycle View Kenett, R.S. Quality Engineering 2015 
Rejoinder to Discussions of Statistics: A Life Cycle View Kenett, R.S. Quality Engineering 2015 
Clarifying the terminology that describes scientific reproducibility Kenett, R.S. and Shmueli, G. Nature Methods, Vol. 12(8), p 699, August 2015 
Official Statistics Data Integration for Enhanced Information Quality Dalla Valle L. and Kenett R.S. Quality and Reliability Engineering International 2015 
On Information Quality Kenett, R.S. and Shmueli, G. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A, vol 177 issue 1, pp. 3-38 2014 
On Generating High InfoQ with Bayesian Networks Kenett, R.S. Quality Technology and Quantitative Management 2016 
Helping Reviewers Ask the Right Questions: The InfoQ Framework for Reviewing Applied Research Kenett R.S. and Shmueli G. Journal of the International Association for Official Statistics 2016 
A road map for applied data sciences supporting sustainability in advanced manufacturing: the information quality dimensions Kenett, R.S., Zonnenshain, A. and Fortuna, G. Procedia Manufacturing, 15th Global Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing, Haifa, Israel 2017 
Data Analytics, Smart Grids and Information Quality Kenett, R.S. Modeling Smart Grids 2017 
A road map for applied data sciences supporting advanced manufacturing and services: the information quality dimensions Kenett, R.S. Innovation and Society, Naples 2017 
Assessing the Value of Information of Data- Centric Activities in the Chemical Processing Industry 4.0 Reis M and Kenett R.S. AIChE Journal 2018 
Adjusting to the GDPR: The Impact on Data Scientists and Behavioral Researchers Greene T, Shmueli G, Soumya R and Fell J. Big Data 2019 
A JMP add in for InforQ assessment Cox I. Chapter 16 in Information Quality (InfoQ): The Potential of Data and Analytics to Generate Knowledge 2016 
The Real Work of Data Science Kenett R.S. and Redman T. The Real Work of Data Science: Turning data into information, better decisions, and stronger organizations, Wiley 2019 
InfoQ Excel Checklist Kenett R.S.  2021 
Challenges of Modeling and Analysis in Cybermanufacturing: A Machine Learning and Computation Perspective Kang S., Jun R., Deng, X. and Kenett R.S. Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing 2021 
The digital twin in Industry 4.0: a wide-angle perspective Kenett R.S.and Bortman J. Quality and Reliability Engineering International 2021 
Quality 4.0—the challenging future of quality engineering Zonnenshain A.and Kenett R.S. Quality Engineering 2020 
Generalizing research findings for enhanced reproducibility: an approach based on verbal alternative representations Kenett R.S. and Rubinstein A Scientometrics 2021 
Techniques for analyzing and presenting official statistics indicators Kenett R.S. and Maggino F Statistical Journal of the IAOS 2021 
Big Data, Analytics and Education: Challenges, Opportunities and an Example from a Large University Unit Kenett R.S. and Prodromou T Big Data in Education: Pedagogy and Research, Policy Implications of Research in Education 2021 
The reproducibility of COVID-19 data analysis Di Serio, C., Malgaroti, A., Ferrari, P. and Kenett, R.S. PNAS Nexus 2022 
Chapter 4: Different views of interpretability Loss, B,, Kenett, R.S. and Secchi, P. Interpretability for Industry 4.0 : Statistical and Machine Learning Approaches 2022 
The information quality framework for evaluating data science programs Coleman, S. and Kenett, R.S. Encyclopedia with Semantic Computing and Robotic Intelligence 2017 
Modern Statistics A Computer-Based Approach with Python Kenett R.S., Zacks, S. and Gedeck, P. Modern Statistics A Computer-Based Approach with Python 2022 
Functional data analysis and nonlinear regression models: an information quality perspective Ron S. Kenett and Chris Gotwalt Quality Engineering 2023 
Self-supervised cross validation using data generation structure Kenett R.S., Gotwalt, C., Freeman, L, and Deng, X. Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry 2022 
A journey in random forests and penalized regression in an industrial classification problem: How to use models to sharpen your questions Ron S. Kenett , Chris Gotwalt and Jean Michel Poggi Submitted 2023 
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